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Early Years

Busy, Busy, Busy characterizes the age group from 18 to 35. They are consumed with the activities of daily living. They are paying off student loans, getting married, having children and just trying to keep their heads above water. They will often say they haven’t any investment assets. We understand and we are there to help you determine what you should do first to move you to a solid financial future. Many of our successful clients who are now approaching retirement started saving and investing during this their early years.

Middle Years

From 35 to 55 are just as busy as the early years. Now your children are in school and involved in multiple activities that keep you running. At the back of your brain is a bell that keeps ringing to alert you to save for education costs and retirement. You need direction. What should I first? Can I afford college for my kids? I’m still paying off my student loans. Shall I take that job that will pay better but will take me away from my family due to travel? Shall I save for college? retirement or both? We hear these questions everyday. We have answers that may help you achieve you short and long term goals.

Retirement Years

You are supposed to arrive at this proverbial place with debt paid off, money in the bank and a feeling you will be fine now and 30 years into retirement. Many people come to us at 55 when we can still provide answer for a healthy retirement. 401k, IRA, and investments will be your basis for retirement. Social Security needs planning to make sure you are taking advantage of the best way to maximize this benefit. During planning stage we will show you how to set aside assets for the first year and of retirement and for the next 10 years. We will also develop a strategy to handle planning for age 70 and beyond to supplement your income in 10 to 145 years.

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